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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 09/12/2005 21:58:29 EDT
Subject: My Msg to Confederate Ofcr Cmdg at Neshaminy

Message Detail:
Hi Bill,

Nice post. It says a lot for the current state of affairs.

You mention...

"... when it comes to communication with my Federal counterpart, I want a radio.

When doing a scripted scenario, you are trying to recreate an event that happened 140 years ago, SNAFU's and all. We don't have the luxury of MAKING OUR OWN MISTAKES [emphasis added]. Walk throughs and good intentions are no guarantee that things are going to go exactly as planned. The first scenario at "The Summer of '62" being just one good example."

The above being said… Were you not using radios during the first scenario at Summer of '62?

If you want to know how Neshaminy was changed forever using cross-lines communication ask Scott Shablin. We used a homographic code (hand signals) to communicate across lines... the use thereof didn't shatter the otherwise tranquil setting as the squelch of a radio does but then again, I digress. We use steel pens at re-enacting and sometimes the ink runs... we could use retractable ball points with non-blotting ink and a quill stuck in the end for appearance but we don't.

I appreciate your comments. They are forthright and honest. I'll keep them in mind for future encounters. But if you are willing to visit another website to see just how functional field communication can work at large scale events with preconcerted and complex written orders transmitted and 'timed' in well under two to three minutes please study the information at the following URL....

Mind you that the pre-concerted scenario text messages were set out for Confederate consumption only ... but the messages could be composed any way at all to fit the situation and the surroundings.

I strongly dislike using the names of period figures especially when they will change for each public scenario. Besides, the public doesn’t get the message… we do.

Again thank you for honest and sincere forth rightfulness. Signal re-enactors have had more than a few challenges as to coming to grips with standardization. Perhaps your most recent post, and perhaps those of others in the future, can help them acquire a better understanding for standardization leading to across-the-board accreditations so that they might be able to better serve the various general staffs, the attending participants and ultimate our faithful general public with scenario sequencing more credible and historically in line with future re-creations.
Please know me to be, very respectfully, etc., &c.,

W.F. Mathers

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