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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 09/05/2005 13:40:54 EDT
Subject: On The Use of Nautical Telescopes, Additional Comments

Message Detail:

I wanted to touch on the info I gave you once more and your reply of it being, "helpful ... period info stressing the favoring of nautical glass over others."

I'm sure you are aware of this but others ought to understand that while ship spy glasses were in fact used (and to some greater extent along the line of Carolina Coast signal towers, these larger telescopes were most likely reserved for 'fixed' or semi-permanent signal stations.

I am reminded of the artist who almost made the mistake of including a tripod'd telescope in his rendition of the Little Round Top station scene simply because some re-enactor brought his prize tripod to display for the artist's benefit. After the artist described what he was attempting to depict, we were able to catch wind of the tripod and were able to get it nix'd from the final canvas. As we were not provided with a visual, the modern kerosene can and the inappropriate carry strap and footmen arrangement on the leather telescope case got by us.

Some may say.. don't sweat the small stuff.. but how much is an improper depiction worth to the purchaser or even to those of us who have occasion to pass by such an image every now and then?

As a result of the efforts of many here, those aligned with SCARD, and it's parent group SCA, we have access to some very critical and heretofore very obscure research material. Spectator are still willing to drive many miles in order to see and experience the 'event'. With the information found here on these pages and our main web offering the spectator can be our biggest critic or our strongest supporter depending on what we have in mind to portray from event-to-event.

Again, for the benefit of our aspiring wool-clad interpreting associates it is all in how we look at it. OK... your turn at the glass ;)

PS If I had my druthers, I'd much prefer tripods to tree stumps.

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