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Posted By: Walter F. Mathers on: 06/17/2002 13:30:27 CDT
Subject: Is SCARD For Real?

Message Detail:
In the real-world minds of some of our associates, just becoming a re-enactor means that those of limited means (that takes in most of us) think that they have to approach re-enacting cheaply at first. A "you need this before you can take the field" list on one had can be a blessing if developed by someone you can trust (hopefully like we're in the process of doing here at SCARD), but just seeing one of these lists has kept many a would-be re-enactor from becoming part of our community. These lists can be daunting, perhaps even shocking and without a sequencial numbering system, i.e. buy this first buy that second, a prospective candidate for field communication service is left to his or her own devices (See Chuck Lee post'gs on Re-producing Telegraph Instruments). Is such cases, we all begin to smell smoke (except the honey-mooning prospect who is at every garrish sutler's tent-fly asking how much the big puffy plumes cost).

Obtaining just enough to get us out there as gasping black powder participants is a reality which all too many of us have had to come to grips with. Only a handful of our number have had the ability to become instant re-enactors otherwise known as Master Card Farbs (MCF), while others find that getting married (or un-married), having children or buying that dream house calls for serious priority weighing. Purchasing new re-enacting gear soon slips to the bottom of the list here and well it should. Real-world life changes should take priority.

Please don't mis-interpret my use of the word Farb when I speak of MCF's but I've always believed that the stock of a good living historian begins where the inner clothing fabric stops and the skin begins. You can be outfitted with the latest campaigner duds and not know the first thing about 19th. century manners or sentence structure, Right GUY'S? We can clothe dress dummies but they can't communicate historical data or period ideas and concepts in the way in which a 'living' historians can.

I truly believe that our SCARD associates not only collectively possess the means to establish suggested guidelines for clothing the bodies of our various emulators, but SCARD also has and will continue to produce historically documentable mental images to shape our personal outlook on the re-enacting community and how our discipline has, does and will fit into re-creating future opportunities. How do you see it? What do you think? What can you contribute?


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