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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 09/04/2005 08:21:48 EDT
Subject: Use of Nautical Telescopes, A Look Back At

Message Detail:

Included below is a previous SCARD forum message directed to Associate Ken Dombrowski of California a few years back which will shed light on your most recent so-called ship's captain's spy glass purchase. Please take especial note to the line begining with:

"As to the telescopes..."

Best Regards,
But alas! You do have the benefit of SCA/SCARD Archives. I'm re-posting some earliest information we have indicating that an officer was interested in revising the current signal equipments to what he believed would be a better combination in gathering a set of equipments.

You will note that local deficiencies may have been the beginnings of this 'proposed' regulation kit bag although we have yet to locate successive correspondance in order to verify what may have come of it all.

Oft times, as I am sure you know, it is one puzzle piece at a time.

The document follows below.
Head Quarters Signal Detachment
Newbern [NC] March 25th. 1863
Capt. L.F.Hepburn
Act. Sig. Off.

Your favor of the 18th. inst. is at hand. In reply permit me to state that by return of the receipts and invoices, together with Merrill's report, I only wanted to make myself safe.

There was not in my opinion the slightest idea but that you (you is underlined) thought everything was exactly as invoiced.

I can assure you that there were only Eleven Marine Glasses come here, And of the thirty blankets only twenty-nine.

As to the signal equipments, the cans and canteens and the number of sets are all right, but whether a set ought to to have a 4 ft. Red, black and a white + a 6 ft. black flag, or only the black and white, I do not know.
Some of the sets I have issued have the five flags, others only the four.

As to the telescopes they are good enough for a dry climate, but they are not good for this damp misty climate.

Here I find that Ships glasses are the best.

Out of all the Marine Glass cases I have received, not a half dozen have been worth a curse to any man on horseback, and I have had twelve made at my own expense. I have them made of heavy harness leather, but good sole leather of Spanish hides is the only thing fit for the business.

If I thought any attention would be paid to the report, I would send one in, giving plans and all necessary details for getting up flags, glass case straps, poles, etc. &c.
I know that I could now go to work and improve the whole thing and have it come cheaper than it ever has.

In my business connections at home I have plenty of wood manufacturers, who make light, strong work, a specialty, who would be glad to make all jointed staffs at 30 per cent less than the Department is now paying.

Enclosed I send you the receipts properly signed. Please acknowledge etc,
Very Respectfully
Your Obt Servt
Daniel A. Taylor
Capt. & Act. Sig. Off

Rec'd (CSO) March 31st. 1863 ~ Defectiveness & Deficiency of Sig Equipments & Stores

Credit Line should read : Copy of Original On File ~ Signal Corps Association (1860-1865) Archive, Glen Burnie, Maryland.

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