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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 06/05/2005 20:14:34 EDT
Subject: Gustav Siegfreid Adolf = GSA

Message Detail:


Tnx for the tip on the St. E's event showing up in the "Washington Times". Someone else mentioned a full article with pictures by Paul Sluby in the 'Travel' section of the "Times".

Did I say Gustav Siegfreid Adolf? I meant to say G - S - A. Un dae schtink a ltt'l pit too in mein buch. They won't let us over on the West Campus to signal from the 'Point' so we're going down the backbone of Anacostia Ridge a little to Fort Stanton in order to signal in from the back side of the event. We can do it no problem but now we are so short on flag operators.

We need more signal flagerman and know not where to look for dem so we will have to kut out zum of de operation we were hoping to have in full schwving.

Worst-case-scenario will be a Stanton & Arlington House link on Saturday and Stanton and the Warship down at the Washington Navy Yard on Sunday. The distances are believable and all that we had planned was doable but we'd need at least four parties and five would have included the Smithsonian's castle turret too. Oh well.... I've never had so much fun dealing with so many government agencies before in all my life.

Fort Stanton gives a very dramtic view of the Nation's Capitol and is worth the trip just for the view, and this is where we'll lay our anchor station.

We only need one more party of two or three to link it all up, or two more paties to put the Smithonian back in the cicuit but finding those willing to do slightly long distance signalling and who aren't already attending an event next week might be a little bit more than we can find right now.

We could actually make the messages fly if we could get a few re-enactng gents from other branches of service who can read and write. Surprizing how many do these days ;) The non-signal types could stand in to record the 'ones' and 'two' and allow themselves the benefit of being a part of long distance signal operations. And we could have an all-Confederate party working a non-spectator station up on Anacostia Ridge but we have none who have applied.

I was simply amazed at knowing Bolling AFB and other 'agencies' had to be alerted (before-hand) as to what we are going to do. Tons of Homeland Security things going on all over town. However, since we do have the backing of the Federal and DC Governments the event is still 'a-go'.

The Old Guard's fifes and drums are even coming now for the Sunday cemetery memorial service I am told.

See: and go to Civil War Cemetery.

But GSA would not budge on the signalling ops at the point. Actually, you can get a better range of sight at Fort Stanton since there are less trees growing up but to do it at the 'Point' in sight of the 1855 actual tower would have been our first preference.

There's still time for signal (and other branch) re-enactors to help out. Free food, free lodgings, free parking, period brass band music and dancers, time signalling on a Navy ship, etc., &c.

Most of you have seen the aerial photos. Please lend a hand if you're free next Saturday and/or Sunday and you will be helping us all to success in the Nation's Capital City.


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