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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 06/03/2005 09:49:33 EDT
Subject: Miles of Signalling to Be Conducted in Washington DC on the 11th & 12th

Message Detail:

Tnx for your informative post David,

I need to pull out all of the stops now as we have just learned that GSA has decided to pull its support for the Washington City signalling demonstrations. Thanks to your recent trip over to Fort Stanton (once part of and right next to Saint Elizabeths hospital campus), and keen observations, we know that both the Washington Navy Yard and Arlington house is visible from that overlook.

The switch, however taxes our need for additional signal parties so that the sight line may be further directed into our main site area.

As the Fort Stanton Park site is not part of the living history programme, it would be acceptable to have a Confederate attired signal party (double strength if we can get it) to handkle the new re-directed linkage into the main event site. As we are working with historically site sensitive areas at the other locations, discernable Confederate attire and insignia would not be approriate. Since we have no exact war-time year in mind, we could use some grey trowser'd NYSM troops without tunics operating the Fort Stanton Site and some could move to into the Alrlinton, Smithsonian and Navy Yard locations if they were to don civilian or Federal or be able to work in their shirt sleeves without discernable Confederate head gear or jackets.

I therefore urge those who may not have been considering this event to give us a second look.

The USS BARRY sitting at the Navy Yard pier and her upper decks would be made available for our use and, according to Mr. Murphy, is clearly visible from what we hope will be our new signal station Anacostia Heights.

The Yard wants a list of all who will be passing their gates for the weekend. We really want to put your name on the list and hope that you can be a part of this historic re-created 15 mile signal relay opportunity. We'll be linking up with the same Morse telegraph operators who gave such sterling service at Recon III last May. Another history in the making.

Please help us acquire the necessary rations and secure your billet to make your experience on June 11th and 12th. Should you choose to fly in or take the train as some will be doing, both the National Airport and Union Station are connected to the event site barrack area a few hundred feet from the Metro subway's Green Line at Congress Heights. If you aren't tenting it there are dorms. Bring your own sleeping bag or let me know. I have a few on hand but they may go fast. Reserving a sleeping bag sounds funny doesn't it? Mapquest will hone you in with a DC search for 2700 Martin Luther King Jr Ave.

Anything is possible with a can-do attitude. Make Saint Elizabeths... make it happen. This event ought to be one event which you will remember until the last 3.3.3.

Tnx & 73
Walt Mathers
PS This view of the Washington Navy Yard shows the grey form of the USS BARRY as seen moored on the left-hand side of the image and the signal station at Fort Stanton will be further to the left out of view up the grassy slope. Washington's Smithsonian Castle Building and Arlington Heights are situated to the Northwest out of sight of the image (right side).

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