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Posted By: Chuck Lee on: 06/13/2002 18:13:32 CDT
Subject: Civilians & The Signal Corps - Guidelines

Message Detail:
As an aging reenactor (soon to be 49 - I think Walt just turned another year, too, didn't he?), I'm looking down the road to the practical end of my military reenacting, and perhaps being done with reenacting within another 10 or so years. I don't want my PORTRAYAL to be a PARODY - though it may already come closer to that than I'd like to admit.

So one of the venues still open to me, as I see it, is a civilian impression. I'm under the impression (no pun intended here) that there were scads and scads of civilians involved with the military in varying communications capacities, including telegraphers, postmasters / postmistresses, teamsters and wagoneers, and so forth.

Does that square with y'all's informed understanding, or am I full of baloney? If it does, am I correct in recalling that male civilians, at least, were either issued or had available to them military garments of some description? I'd sure like to add that to any Uniform Guidelines developed for SCARD. I thought I read something to that effect in Brown's book, but have to go back and look it over. It was one of the middle-of-the-night epiphanies that middle-aged men sometimes have when the call of nature summons us to commune with two of the essential elements - water and porcelain - and we leaf through a treasured tome during those scant few moments between a good night's sleep and - well, anyway, that's when I think I saw it, but was too drowsy to mark the page. Now I can't find it.

I think I've developed c.r.a.f.t: can't remember a freakin' thing.

I've also recently been introduced to an exceptional concept that has a lot of promise for those of us nearing the end of our military reenacting credible years, as well as providing the opportunity to actually organize civilian activities and give them meaningful occupations that dovetail with the military side of life at battle events, or can function as stand-alone impressions for living histories or civilians-only events - the Mayor and Town Council Concept.

That concept, along with the development of occupational guidelines - particularly with Signal Corps tie-ins - and perhaps even making use of the Signal Corps' involvement in dressing their civilian contingent, would be a much-needed, greatly welcomed addition to the effort in establishing Uniform Guidelines.

Are any of you aware of that concept, and have any of you worked with - or within - its structure?

Chuck Lee

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