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Posted By: David Murphy on: 06/02/2005 15:19:20 EDT
Subject: DC Signal Event

Message Detail:

Walt Mathers, et al:

While the event is primarily for the purpose of giving long overdue attention to the role that the Saint Elizabeth's Hospitol site had during the Civil War, the presentation of the role that the Signal Corps had at St E's and thoughout the Defenses of Washington is clearly going to be a major jewel in the crown of the event.

The NPS GIS team is putting the finishing touches on a shaded contour map of the city and its envions with overlays of the forts, signal stations, military road connections, and period landmarks so that the location of the signal stations will be decernable to the casual viewer. We will be mounting the maps on rigid boards and laminating them for damp weather. While we have located two surveyors plane tables, we hope to have additional "topog" like stands to have the network of forts and signal stations understandible to the viewer in about the way that the planners and commanders looked at the terrain. This will be a first and probably the only compilation made since the map put in Brown. While I was hoping for a definitive mapping product, we must say that this is a "work in progress" due to the data that seems to keep turning up at NARA and elsewhere--looks to me to be a Master's thesis waiting to happen.

I hope that the signal parties and other participants will feel free to comment and suggest any improvements that they see to make this a resource that futre events could benefit from. Likewise, the data that we are gathering will certaianly be available.

The event of June 11-12 is coming together and we certainly have confidence in the idea of a signal system becoming a reality. I know I keep pressing you for "just one more signal party" and hope that you can field the number of parties to pull this off.

We look forward to seeing you--in the field


D Murphy

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