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Posted By: Chuck Lee on: 06/12/2002 09:22:42 CDT
Subject: RE: Pole Talk Re-visited

Message Detail:

Thanks so much for the information.

The poles - four sections in all, for an overall length of 16', when all connected by means of brass ferrules, tapered butt to tip from 1 1/4" down to 1/2", the third section employing something the other sections did not: six inches of brass at its narrow end (which, as you know, served to protect that end from the torches' flames when used with the torch). So the taper was very slight, was it not, scoping down only 3/4" in 16'? It tapered only 3/16" per section? That's a pretty modest taper.

How is everyone making the ferrule, then? The first joint (sections 1 with 2) is 1 1/16" ID? The second joint (sections 2 with 3) is 7/8" ID? The last joint (sections 3 with 4) is 11/16" ID?

The illustration in Brown's doesn't show ferrules on both ends of the sections that join, only on the larger end of sections 1,2, & 3. And in the photographs on Mr. Bock's site, it doesn't appear as if their poles, dating from the Spanish-American War, I believe his site recorded, have brass inserts that slide into the ferrules - which is how SOME of the period fishing poles were pieced together. Am I correct, then, in understanding that the ferrule - presumably held (somewhat) permanently onto its assigned pole section - accepted nothing other than the wood of the pole section to which it was to connect?

Does that make a sufficiently strong joint, or are there problems that proceed from those conenctions?

If problems do, indeed, result from that, are there any "field fixes" documented from the Civil War?

Presently, I'm using an 8', a 12', and a 14' pole, none of which are the proper wood, and none of which have yet been "sectioned" and "ferruled". However, I'm soon to make the plunge and do it right, but I want to do it right - and only once per

Thanks for the help! Once I understand what I'm doing, I'll go ahead with it, and then I hope to make CAD drawings of the poles, ferrules, and add sources where appropriate. As I proceed with most of those projects, I'll do the same - make the dimensioned drawings so that they'll be available to others as ignorant as I. I won't title the drawings as "Signal Corps Drawings For Dummies", though; I'll use a more hip designation, like FUBU does (For Us, By Us - reputedly). Maybe I'll call them BUSFUS - By Us Signalmen, For Us Signalmen.


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