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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 05/30/2005 07:39:31 EDT
Subject: Memorial Day Greeting & After-Action-Report Relative to Letchworth NY

Message Detail:

Thank you for sharing your perosnal insight on your most recent re-enactment outing at Letchworth, NY.

I don't know how delicate your two detachments would want to be in describing your activities during the recent event at Letchworth, New York, but 'Command, Control & Accountability' information from after-action-reports will eventually help to insure that those who are not sure of when to engage their skirmishers, event-after-event, can, sooner-or-later, be given 'special' guidance that scenarios might be more-closely adherred to as time goes by.

So I guess my question has to be, Do you know if either or both attending CSO's at Letchworth plan to submit a formal after-action-report in proper military fashion, emulating what has been passed down to us, say, in the form of reports found in the Official Records?

Many here have expressed delight at knowing how successful signal and telegraphic activities have been to those charged with executing scripted evolutions on the re-created fields, but a lot of what we know comes from participant accounts rather than offical AAR's from the attending CSO's (as forwarded by their adjutants). Believe me whan I say that it isn't my intention to look a gift horse in the mouth but I, as well as others, also believe that such stylized after-action-reports, as we are now able to emulate and produce for our modern-day edification, can only go to support the movement for greater script adhereance and thus closer historical accuracy. Don't stop sending in your thoughts. On the other hand, we might want ot consider encouraging future E-wire huddles between the field party officers and party leaders, clerks, adjutants, detachment commanders and the immediate staffs of the two event CSO's.

It is with the above in mind that I hope you and also your counterparts from the Letchworth event (and any other re-enactor comunication group who sincerely wishes to be counted for their/our collective worth) can professionally generate and submit first-rate military reports of service to over-all re-enacting field commanders, retaining copies for their own records and at least forward a bundled hard-copy'd collection of them to the SCARD chief clerk for comsolidation and thence to the archives that they may be placed on file. Yearly summaries, if started, would be great to produce and submit by November 1st of each year. All of this can still be done even though the
Association doesn't yet have a steering committee, conduct conferences (at least not in a few years) or hold annual regional or national meetings. You simply need to begin the process, if you want it to progress, and not wait for others to chime in.

Like the records of those we choose to emulate, your field signal and telegraphic report records will, in themselves, then become a unique part of the SCA/SCARD archive and tell the story of how our community of signal and telegraph emulators were able to change the face of re-enacting. Any comments relative to the above would be appreciated. Although it would be preferable for the body corporate to know your 'un-offical' personal-but-well-meaning thoughts, or those known to represent the thrust of your detachment, posted here on the forum, we would also except personal E-wire correspondence on this matter.

May we wish to reflect in personal memorial the surpreme sacrifices given on our behalf and also cherrish with the understanding that even with the fevourish under-currents of Satan, we still remain to-day 'One Nation, Under God".

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