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Posted By: Doug Polaski on: 05/29/2005 21:24:01 EDT
Subject: I've got your back

Message Detail:
"I've Got Your Back!"

I am a small and precious child,
my dad's been sent to fight.
The only place I'll see his face,
is in my dreams at night.

He will be gone so many days,
my young mind can't keep track.
I may be sad, but I am proud!
My daddy's got your back.

I am a caring mother.
My son has gone to war.
My mind is filled with worries,
I've never known before.

Every day I try to keep
my thoughts from turning black.
I may be scared, but I am proud,
My son has got your back!

I am a Worried Father,
I've been through this before,
My Mother Shed So Many Tears,
When I Went Off To War.

I Must Be Strong and Pray Each Day
That God Keep You Safe, my Son.
The Homefires are Burning Bright,
Until Your Work is Done.

I'm a strong and loving wife,
my husband had to go.
I'm terrified, so many ways,
that most will never know.

I bite my lip, and force a smile,
I watch my husband pack.
My heart may break, but I am proud,
My husband's got your back!

I am a US soldier,
Proud and standing tall
I fight for freedom, yours and mine
and those I left behind.

Support Our Troops and Give Thanks,
To God, and Pray Each Day,
God Keep Us Safe Under Your Wings
We Will Come Home Some Day.

Dedicated to Cpt. Dane Sandersen
Serving Proudly In Iraq
For You, I, Family and Country

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