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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 05/28/2005 07:33:43 EDT
Subject: RE: History Channel's

Message Detail:
Hi Eric,

In ref to yours, i.e. " The 1st National Flag seen over Plymouth belongs to the ANV Assistant CSO, Eli Beachy."

Any idea what an assistant CSO would be called in period-correct terms? Would it actually have been 'Asst. CSO' while the CSO was present and on-duty?? I'm familiar with 'Act'g CSO' and also titles which were described as 'Adjutant and Acting Signal Officer.' I'll have to look back in my files as I may have missed something.

There was a discussion on another forum about the use of the term 'Head-quarters Company' where the emulating folks worked out their own understanding through documentation of what they were suppose to be referring to themselves as when a bunch of clerks found themselves assigned to a brigade staff. It was interesting to watch the discussion evolution and they did a good job developing their case for understanding 19th c. Amer. mil. titles for us in the re-created field.

It was also brought out during the clerk discussion of 'Head-quaters-Company, by yours truly, that others of our own ilk have suffered, and yet still do, by repeated using such modern terms as command signals, chief of signals, signal's' officer and the like, just to name a few. Did I mention 'wig-wag' and 'teams'? ;)

So I guess I should ask another of my questions alright already - while I'm up upon the stump ....

Has anyone run across the term Acting Assistant Chief Signal Officer (AACSO) in their research that would be akin to AAAG?

What some learn here on this forum, will be carried forward to the re-created fields and eventually inot the ears of the attending unwitting spectators, especially if heard often enough. If we know a term was used then, let's flaunt it. If we don't know, please feel to ask here on the forum like I'm doing. Someone out there might have the answer, can cite his source and share it with the rest of us, researcher and re-enactor alike.

Proverbs 12.1.



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