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Posted By: Dave Gaddy on: 05/23/2005 07:21:25 EDT
Subject: RE: CSA vs. USA Signal Roster - There Are Similarities You Know

Message Detail:
I only have two fingers! (And, like most of you, have other responsibilities and involvements, believe it or not.) So when there is a question, directed to me or that I see, I try to respond. But I have not taken time out to poke up about 1400 names with bio data in an as-yet-to-be-determined format, intended (as with Brown) to be an appendix-roster.
In the respone to Bernie's post, I just wanted to repeat some info intended to avoid perpetuation of the confusion on the CS side. My roster info (hand-written in loose leaf note book started in the early 1960s, plus individual folders for specific cases, plus computer files) separates SigC (maj, captains, 1st Lts, 2nd Lts, Sgts, and Detailed men) from ISC (Gen org info, 1st Co, 2nd Co) and has a gen (alpha) index, all manual. My intention is that all will be included in a comprehensive listing of those involved in "sig svc." I also have mil telegraphers, a few secret svc, and misc or not positively associated with org or function (no aeronauts, as yet). Since the files are "dynamic" (frequently revised, added to, etc.) and handy in their present form, I've had no reason to take the time to poke up for gen ref. Sorry 'bout that. I hope that research results shared here as part of the text/main body work will compensate. "Two fingers." (I should have gone to Dvorak keyboard and developed touch-typing, but the old dip pen was so nice, until the old IBM elec typewriter came along.)
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