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Posted By: Chuck Lee on: 05/22/2005 12:22:21 EDT
Subject: RE: Period-Correct Eyewear Should Be Important to Emulators

Message Detail:
If I might add comment to Walt's post, many of us will buy period eyewear and have our modern prescription lenses put in. Some won't want to wear period eyeglasses precisely because they ARE antique, and others find after getting their prescription lenses installed in antique frames that they can't stand to wear them because they're allergic to the metal of the period glasses (high nickel content in some).

A fellow in my reenacting group offers period frames made from originals in his collection - one style only, but they're 24k gold-filled (hypoallergenic, that is), as I recall, and inexpensive. Not only that, but he's also an opthalmic magician, or whatever the technical term He can fill your prescription for you, too, so that you don't have to get the frames (which come with clear plastic lenses) from him but have the lenses done done locally. One-stop shopping, as it were.

When I was using antique frames, I had the hardest time finding anyone - private practice or chain (Wal-mart, America's Vision For Less, etc.) - who would put prescription lenses in for me. Your mileage may vary. I can personally vouch for Kraig Stasney's work, however, as can most of my glasses-wearing comrades in our reenacting circles.

Also, he offers frame sizes appropriate for adults - including adults with fat heads - and kids; at least, he was when he and I last spoke on the subject before Christmas.

Kraig Stasney can be reached via e-mail at If you need further contact information, e-mail me privately (off the forum). Just tell him that Chuck Lee sent you. Tell him he's a heck of a cannoneer and great bugler, too (LSU! LSU! - former band member, he) and who knows - he may give you a

Modern eyeglasses stick out like the proverbial sore thumb at events, and serve as a mute testament to an apparent lack of real commitment to looking "right". Let's not get caught being inauthentic on something so very affordable. Kraig's frames and lenses are VERY affordable.

Chuck Lee

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