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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 05/21/2005 17:13:01 EDT
Subject: At The Ferry - Signals Where They Counted

Message Detail:

Would You Really Like to Signal Where It Counts?

Hope so 'cause I'd like to see if we can get up a signal camp of instruction for next May, June or even late August at Harpers Ferry so as to not conflict with any of the major powder events.

This shouldn't have to be an enticement for most of us but there really is a large motel at Harpers Ferry with pool, a nightly watering hole and food troughs in minutes all over the place (including buffets too).

There would even be conference areas the motel folks could set aside for our class rooms if we really wanted to make a four-day session of it. Re-enactors have had dances there before and on one of the days we wouldn't be traipsing about the countryside this could be fit in if the interest warrants.

I always have said that seeing-is-believing, and if you have any doubts after seeing this image, then real-time long-distant signalling might still be in your re-enactment future. Awe.... don't be afraid, you can do it. Some of us did it in the early 1980's and we';re still talking about it.

This is the real McCoy and itís on original sacred signal soil. If you look out to the large dual highway to the upper left of the screen you can see the 1862 Bolivar Heights Federal surrender field as a large grassy area on the right-hand side, just this side of the horizontal treeline. Loudoun Heights is just visible rising up in the near left of the image and is easily accessible by road too.

Will 2006 be the year we can focus in on as the year we finally all get to-gether? Can we E-wire our tails off to get this operation underway and are you willing to commit early that we might collectively come as close as it gets for serious signal corps emulators? Remember this, both US and CS signal-men occupied stations on these summits. We can re-create it!

It's an ideal location and for most of us, it would be as real as it gets.

Walt Mathers
PS Our non-period attired researcher-wing would be most welcome to attend and also participate as we could set up a not-so-distant (and accessible) field station just off of the black top so as to have you involved too.... Your thoughts are most welcome and at your ealiest opportunity please. 3.3.3.

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