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Posted By: Mike Roser on: 05/20/2005 00:46:39 EDT
Subject: RE: Field Glasses (Gen. Lee's)

Message Detail:

Whilst we're on the subject of field glasses, I thought I would share my "Jumelles" with you. I picked them up at a gun show a couple of months ago. They were pretty useless, since the lenses were mis-matched and of poor optical quality; but they only set me back $25. I figure someone in the past tried to make them work, but didn't do too well. Even for just a prop to carry around, however, the asking price was not too bad. Well, being the engineer that I am, I decided to refurbish them. I purchased two pairs of bushnell binoculars, 10x50 for the objective lenses and 10x32 for the eys pieces and prisms. The new focal length was a little too long for the adjusments, so I had to cut copper tubing to make "focal" extensions. A little bit of new leather on the bells and "Voila"! I realize that the optics are superior to anything that could be found 140 years ago, but everything conceals nicely inside and is virtually undetectable... and 100% reversible.

Of course, after I had a functional pair of glasses, I needed to find a case for them. Not finding any readily available, I decided to brush off my childhood leather-working skills and make one. I don't hink it turned out too bad for my first attempt at leather crafting in about 30 years. I have since designed and stitched a California-Style flap holster that looks professionally manufactured.
I don't think I would want to do it for a living, though.

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