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Posted By: Chuck Lee on: 06/06/2002 12:28:55 CDT
Subject: RE: A Civil War Signal Canteen?

Message Detail:
Maybe they meant that the canteen was used to wave around wildly to catch someone's attention, thus *signaling* them with it, thus a *signal*

Mistaken notions and frauds both abound, unfortunately. It's not always easy to tell when it's ignorance or larceny at work. Especially when you're as ignorant of so much as I am. Thanks for the information, Walt!

I recently sent a post to the cw-reenactors list talking about some really interesting websites I've visited recently, and this was one of them. Others included a sutlery that specializes in toys and games of the peroiod, though they surprisingly have no photographs of any sort - The Ragged Soldier Sutlery at

and then the American Civil War Buglers site and its highly education forum, along with the CDs and booklets aimed at the non-bugler in the Artillery, Cavalry, or Infantry, at

and a commercial sutlery not yet launched, but with a lot of different items - and some that are downright quirky - and in which I have a peculiar and particular interest at

and then, for those of us who have wives who collect dolls or children (or grandchildren) who play with them, there's the Jenny Lind doll at

and then my own website for the Washington Artillery, and the one I'm developing with a huge songbook, and poems, and Uniform Standards, at

and then at

Hopefully, the mention of this discussion forum will draw folks either who are simply curious, or really have something to offer right now, but didn't know that the forum existed. It's been so helpful to me that I've got to believe others will want to come here and "find out what it's all about".


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