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Posted By: Chuck Lee on: 06/05/2002 15:05:37 CDT
Subject: RE: How to use signalmen properly

Message Detail:
Our group could stand to get a "By The Numbers" pamphlet, video, series of drawings, playbook - hey, drag your finger through the bacon grease left on your breakfast dishes to show how it's done, and it would help us!

Why not put together a series of still shots and put those on CD - slideshow or whatever presentation format you'd like - and sell me one or two, or send me the photos and let me put together the CD for all of us? You could post it to the SCARD website and let all the members download it to their own CDs.

I like the pamphlet idea, a portable cheat sheet that I could tuck into my breast pocket and take into the field with me. Short of a video, though, I'd also like to have a CD that leads me by the hand so that I don't get lost or confused (until I try it out in the field).

I think I could make a bunch of copies of CDs and donate them to our local high school Computer Departments, and use them as recruiting tools while they use them as examples of practical applications for a slide show presentation. As for recruiting juniors and seniors, say, so long as I already own the basic equipment, then a kid really only has to get a uniform of some description -using our Uniform Standards, of Seriously, don't you think that would be worth a shot? I'm paying about $ .20 a CD, I think, and we have six (?) high schools in Baton Roge, and probably 30 students per class - that's not even $40. One high school would only be $6.00. That's awfully inexpensive, and draws from the pool we really want to find: young fellows.

If we put together a CD with aerial telegraphy and magnetic telegraphy and anything else we want to use, I'd present those to the Technology and the History Departments at the local high schools, and also our local colleges (Louisiana State University, and Southern University, which is one of the oldest all-black colleges in the country). We could really reach some folks, and do so inexpensively.

What are other folks doing by way of training their new recruits? How do you get them over that initial learning curve and make them useful right away?

Chuck Lee

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