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Posted By: Capt. Lewis on: 02/16/2005 23:42:23 EDT
Subject: clarifications

Message Detail:
First, the triplicate posting of my last was the result of a computer error, and not some contrivance on my part. Sorry if that offended anyone.

Second, 'Here's yer sign' is no yankee-ism, but a southern comedian's punch line.

Third, I don't know how the phrase 'certain members' can in any way be taken to construe the entirety of this discussion group.

Fourth, after seeing how many times 'certain members' of this group maltreat offerings by others, why would I freely share my research? I'm not a masochist, despite wearing wool on hot days.

Fifth, I don't believe that urging you all to compare your flags to the numerous variants that exist in anyway is a call to repentance. My copy of the Good Book doesn't include inaccurate re-enactors in the lists of those going to hell. I DID intend for the capitals to emphasize that there ARE a number of period flags that have variations from the 'regulations.'

Sixth, I was under the impression that all of us are here to help educate each other. From the tone I get from some missives it seems to me that there are some of us that are not 'allowed?' to be part of that education process. Are we all supposed to be PhD's???

Seventh, I never accused any one individual of being dishonest or insincere...I said 'I wonder if I will find'....This last thread hasn't helped my wondering.

I find it an unfortunate commentary on our sociology that 'certain members' can spout off with regularity and never be called down for it, but let me rub a raw nerve, and suddenly I am of poor breeding even to the point of being a jackass. (I believe I read Chuck right)

I WOULD like to know why Walt felt the need to title a posting on a public forum in the manner he did. Irefer to the 'Reed Sign Read' posting. Walt, I don't know whether you thought you were being cute and witty, but I find it juvenile and offensive. You should be above such childishness. I have to agree with Eric Reeder, the tone this forum takes on a regular basis WILL lead to valuable members of this hobby distancing themselves from SCARD. It happened once before, as you know.

And who are the members of this 'wedge' you keep going on about? I would like to know, so I can avoid them, or perhaps join them if their only sin is that they don't subscribe to your point of view.

In closing, I do not believe that we are doing history any favors by creating an impression of the Signal Corps that is as uniform as some seem to want to portray. It is the unique and unusual parts of history that give it the human element. The only real reason the Infantry stays with the Enfield and Springfield is a matter of safety...but that gives a skewed view of the reality. My personal flag kit has several variants that I have researched and reproduced, and I find that the people I have the privilege to share the Corps with are endlessly fascinated to learn something about a field they thought they already knew enough about. To me THAT is what this is all about.

Captain M. Reed Lewis

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