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Posted By: Mrs Lewis Seamstress on: 02/15/2005 15:10:22 EDT
Subject: In the interests of Historical accuracy

Message Detail:
I thought long and hard before posting here. What I have to say is not from my husband, but from myself as an historical researcher.

I am sure you will all agree that any opinion on historical matters, whether positive or negative, given in a public forum should be carefully researched.

I have noted with interest that the flag to which Doug Polaski mentioned in this forum was agreed by the learned folks here NOT to have the 'offending' separate white strip of fabric on the hoist side.

I am not going to try to teach you anything; however I challenge you to research your facts about this flag before giving your opinions. There are several unique things about this flag (previously a part of the Stamatelos Bros Collection, CT)that it would be a shame not to have been noted for the purposes of historical accuracy.

If my husband brings something to my notice of an historical nature I know that whatever opinion he is giving is based on careful research of the facts. I can trust him in that.

Looking at this instance of the flag mentioned, I know that the opinions expressed here cannot always be trusted as factual. The opinion propounded about this flag is wrong...

There is sufficient evidence to be found on the net for a good researcher to find enough information to be able to give measurements, construction type, etc and so forth, regarding this flag.

It would be easy to let this tiny morsel to slip by unremarked, but, I say again, it would be shameful for such a small thing as a white strip of fabric (a small thing I agree) to be totally pooh-poohed and to have caused such an uproar, when there is no basis in fact for the negative comments, and an interesting variation that (if you have your way)will consequently not be represented to the public.

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