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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 02/14/2005 11:41:34 EDT
Subject: NOT Flags - But Joints of Staff Are We About Now

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John & Dave,

For what I'm about to comment on Ref to the subject line, read "view Parent Messages"

Tnx Agn for all of these great posts. I think in the end we'll all come to the same conclusion as another associate who said it in the past and I take the liberty of re-print'g here:

"The first thing we all need to do is read J.W. Brown's book again. I believe virtually everything we need is found there. The next thing we all need to do is CRITICALLY read his book [Brown's], and CRITICALLY examine each photo therein. Then we need to examine the signal artifacts found in the various museums across the country and read the several other signal histories out there. [might want to also insert that we need to gather and RETAIN the documentation too]"

He goes on to say...

"If you are saying to yourself,"no duh,..." then ask yourself,"why all this wrangling...?"

Nice words I'd say. But can you believe it? Some of our associate forum-professors would rather spend their money on a new double-breasted frock coat adorned with
shiney brass buttons and 'assumed' re-enactor rank (whatever that is) than obtain their own copy of BROWN'S Tome. Sad but true.

If we can't see come to grips with the fact that 1860's flag staffs became sloppy at the ferrules and also broke under the stress of constant traffic, then use green saplings. The folks during the War did.

Don't be so cheap. Its a no-brainer as some would say here. If we produce quality equipments now, by the time we obtain a full kit perhaps our portrayals will have caught up to the level of our kits.

We ought to be about the business of re-creating not creating to fit as much as possible. Lets REPRO no RE-INVENT.

Oh, the quote I posted above came from Associate Reed Lewis in 2003 and is entitled, "My Turn to Rant". Move over Reed! My turn now ;) But remember, I want to see us succeed, and like Reed, and others who hang out on this forum, I'm passionate in what I'd like to see for our future. That's why I take the time to contribute and read your opinions too.

In spite of the indications given by John Schutz and others upon these cyber pages that others have not and WILL NOT associate with us becuase of personality clashes, do you/we all realize what SCARD is doing here? Some of it ain't FUN. But like John is saying... you just have to grow tougher skin. Its pretty amazing.


PS Like JohnnyZ, I too thank Mark Hageman for openning the Ball on this subject. We need this dialogue. If you're gonna produce something and call it a one-stop shop, you're asking for comments from the masses. It has to be that way. We have no examining board to scrutinize new products whether its the deliberate manufacture of inappropriate signal insigina or make-due or whole cloth creations. 3.3.3.

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