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Posted By: John Schultz on: 02/13/2005 21:17:18 EDT
Subject: RE: Flags

Message Detail:
Doug (and all)

GOOD TRY! I know the evidence is out there somewhere and Im fishing for it now. I do this NOT to proove anybody wrong - and NOT to proove I'm right - but what Walt said, "We should always be open to new discoveries. We're still uncovering documentation and artifacts." I know two people who have this on their flags. They researched it and they found it to be accurate based on that research. So - the evidence is out there somewhere. If I can find something that even WALT didn't find - I'll pat myself on the back! (because I respect Walt's vast knowledge)

However - until that evidence is found - I will not sell flags with that bunting on the staff side. I will change the picture as soon as I can.

Furthermore - Today I revised the "Pole" page to remove all instances of that word and correctly refer to them as "STAFFS". Using the correct language is a good thing.

HAVERSACKS: As soon as practial I will remove the one with the writing on it and replace it with a plain one.

Wax Seal Presses: I have two of them left. For the next batch I made the pattern below which was literally LIFTED from the Civil War arm patch scan on the SCARD site.

I would like to thank the folks who have emailed me encouragement. (y'all are awsome!)

I would also say that it is my desire to sell articles that are as correct as possible within my realm of production skills and capabilities. As I learn something new - things get better.

Anybody know a source for Knurled FEMALE nuts that fit over the standard 3/8" brass screw plumbing fitting?? (fill caps for torches)

Please also know that I absolutely THRIVE on criticism that is constructive. The word 'constructive' is operative there! (and some that isn't when meant well)

If you have CONSTRUCTIVE criticism - please feel free to email me. Just know that I will ask questions so that I can learn............

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  • RE: Flags - Mark Hageman 02/13/2005 21:51:13 EDT (1)

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