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Posted By: Chuck Lee on: 05/28/2002 19:26:38 CDT
Subject: Symposiums Of The Past

Message Detail:
Walt & All Involved In Past Symposia,

What were the topics of former Symposiums? Are there indeed still presentation materials / audiotapes / full-blown, written-out speeches and the like kicking around in the archives somewhere?

It might be worthwhile to see former Symposium agendas to ascertain if there is a progression or a formative pattern that either existed before, whether planned or by accident; and to decide if a progression of educational presentations - a logical progression - might not be in order.

(It'd be pretty neat to have them available through the SCA / SCARD website, too.)

Having been involved in years past with a particular set of denominations and having been an integral part of their planning, our approach was always to establish the educational premise for our annual Convention, and proceed from there. Let me give you an example so that it's not as vague as it reads to me right now.

We were / are Calvinists, which means that we hold to certain basic truths that issued forth from the Protestant Reformation. For the sake of this example, we held to five positions concerning how men are saved. Therefore, the theme for the first five years was, in turn, each of the five positions classically known as the tenets of Calvinism.

That's not to say that each year's Convention dealt only with one thing - that simply wasn't so. No matter how much you may like chocolate pie, eating chocolate pie for three meals and three snacks a day for a week will make you pretty sick of chocolate pie. And the same is true with having the doctrine of total depravity for three meals and three snacks a day for a week. So we altered our diet a bit by including presentations of biographies, historical events worthy of note (and interesting to hear told), as well as being deluged with total depravity (or at least the teaching thereon).

Watch, now - here's where I go into territory of which I'm grossly ignorant:

So perhaps the format could include an in-depth study of the history of Myer's flag signals; the development of the flags themselves; the art of recording the messages sent via that means, including the method of recording and the importance or vital nature of maintaining the records of those transmitted messages; its impact on reenacting life today; a presentation of signaling done at a reenacting event (through a video, perhaps); ways in which the Signal Corps plays and has played a vital part in Civil War reenactments; the biography of a Civil War Signal Corps signaler; and so on.

Frankly, that's probably been done to death already, but it serves my purpooses of illustration.

Perhaps those interested should weigh in on what they'd like to hear at a Symposium - topics, specific questions they may have that have gone unanswered until now, and so on.

Anyway, it's just a thought.

Chuck Lee

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