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Posted By: David W. Gaddy on: 05/25/2002 06:44:27 CDT
Subject: Xmtg in German

Message Detail:
I'd like to share a story about Siemsen and Mathers: Back in the dark ages, a two-bus grp of students fm the old Defense Intel College (now Jt Mil Int College) in DC was on a staff ride to Gettysburg. Approaching 1300, they were in the field by the observation tower on the west side, overlooking the Eisenhower farm, rcvg a min-lecture on intel and commo and the "pesky little sig sta" on Little Round Top. Suddenly, one female student shouted, "Look! There's a flag waving up there," and pointed to Rd Top. By pre-concerted arrangement, as Myer wld have called it, signalling was commenced at 1300. It transformed the class fm a day trip/field trip/excuse to get out of the class rooms into participation in living history. The moment was electric. About two hrs later, the grp gathered on Rd Top, where LT Siemsen and his flagman, Sgt Walt, had a static display and Walt demonstrated the technique. Learning at its best--really transformed the grp.
On this same occasion, Steve and Walt were "practising" beforehand, between "Meade's HQ" and the mountain, when a grp of German tourists approached and watched. One lady asked if the system could send msgs in German(!) and was told it could. So she dictated a short msg. Later, when they got to Rd Top, she was surprised and pleased to rcv her msg--sent in German. Fortunately, that day, Siemsen, who is fluent in the language, was "officer of the day." Imagine! The Myer system can send in German!!!
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