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Posted By: Dave Gaddy on: 12/04/2004 12:46:16 EDT
Subject: RE: Aknlg'g History of & Re-enact'g With Battle Flag (US)

Message Detail:
I'm too lazy to dig out the two orders, but there is a narrow window between AJM's announcement of the signal flag idea and a follow-up saying whoa (or "oops"): they realized that the war was not going to be over (and opportunities for heroism stop) in a maximum of five star-point times. So they ordered the return of the flags (some of which had been executed in silk) to the Signal Office in Washington, promising to keep them and return them after the war, with (as I recall) some way of recognizing subsequent "awards." This meant that--if they followed orders--no "named" star flags should have been in use after that time. Only star flags. (We know that, if the order were followed, the set attested to have been used on Little Round Top at Gettysburg shouldn't have been, but perhaps it took a while to get the word out and achieve compliance.) "Blank" star flags were ok, attesting to the officer's performance under fire (i.e., waving his Bronze Star for all to see).
Now, one way to accomplish what I was suggesting is to post an account of the Battle Flag on our site. At the bottom would be a caveat, along the lines I suggested--we don't encourage/approve/ whatever. (Doesn't have to be in the form of some hated POLICY NUMBER ONE in General Orders format.) This would serve notice that--so far as the SCA/SCARD was/were concerne--the sort of thing(s) you describe are contrary to our knowledge and approved practices.
In the SCARD Council Chambers you might want to decide whether John's idea should apply to all uses of Battle Flags, or just "named ones," which would equate to identifiable officers. That could lead to appearance of one or more star flags on late war ('64-'65) commemorations, which could be deemed acceptable.
As I've said before, No Known Confederate (or Maryland)equivalent.

(PS Alteration of Subject Line may lose the connection of the subject thread from a later search standpoint.)

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