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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 11/27/2004 22:25:20 EDT
Subject: Fantastic Telegraph Manual Is Once Again Topic Of Much Discussion

Message Detail:
I've wanted to post something which one of our associates has sent in for a review by the rest of our associates but before you get to the neat little surprize he has bestowed, please read the following which was taken down from the electrons:

Debow's Review, Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial Progress and Resources. / Volume 27, Issue 4, Oct 1859, p.491 lists the following entry...

The Telegraph Manual, by TAL. P. SHAFFNER, of Kentucky. New-York: Pudney & Russell, 1859.

Mr. Shaffner, who is well known as one of the most experienced and best telegraphers in the country, and who
has had an active part in the establishment of many important lines, including the proposed one to Europe, has here furnished quite a volume to the public, which includes a complete history and description of the semaphoric, electric, and magnetic telegraphs of
Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, in ancient and modern times, and illustrates the subject with more than six
hundred drawings, and with several steel portraits of eminent telegraphers.

The curious in such matters will find the whole subject of the telegraph, theoretically and practically unfolded
and explained in a manner that will bring it within the comprehension of the dullest intellect.

And Now for the Sur-Prize

Taliaffero P. Shaffner. The Telegraph Manual. A Complete History and Description of the Semaphoric, Electric and Magnetic Telegraphs of Europe, Asia, Africa and America, Ancient and Modern.

An Elibron Classic Reprinted as an Facsimile in 2001, has 874 pages with many excellent illustrations and wiring diagrammes.
ISBN 1402182465 paperback
ISBN 1421288540 hardcover

The Replica of this 1859 edition by Pudney & Russell, New York is available to be shipped in one to three days from

This is perhaps the best up-to-date pre-war tome on the subject that any aspiring telegraph operator or lineman would have had available to them.

Tnx D.H. for sharing such a great alert with us all!

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