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Posted By: Walter F. Mathers on: 05/23/2002 11:44:56 CDT
Subject: RE: Civil War Signal Soldiers buried in New Jersey

Message Detail:
Dear Mr. MacAvoy:

I have the honour to inform you that the Signal Corps Association (SCA) intends to place upon its site, signal personnel rosters for both Union and Confederate servicemen. While we are national in scope, we do have documentation relating to signal operators who either enlisted in a New Jersey regiment and were subsequently detailed or transfer'd to signal service or who may have served elsewhere and later settled in the Garden State following the close of hostilities.

So that you might have an easy name to look up in your list of over 40,000 entries, would you have an entry for William T.G. Young, transfer'd from the 3rd. New Jersey Infantry and residing at 206 South 5th. Street in Camden, New Jersey during the mid-1890's? Might you too know the whereabouts of his final resting place?

What of Paul G. Botticher, detailed to signal duty from the 68th. New York but residing in Newark, New Jersey in 1896?

Do your records show something for Henry Cook transfered to the signal service from the 9th. New Jersey Infantry while at Trenton and last known to have been living in Elizabeth, NJ prior to 1900.

We wish you the utmost success in your Herculian task of documenting the final resting places of all those veterans (US & CS) from the War of the Rebellion era, known to be buried in New Jersey and eagerly await the announcement of your presentation.

Please know me to be, Sir, Very Respectfully, your most obedient servant,
Walter F. Mathers
Signal Corps Association (1860-1865)

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Signal Corps Association (1860-1865)
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