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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 11/18/2004 14:02:46 EDT
Subject: 1st We Must Identify This Thing Before Know'g Its Adaptability

Message Detail:

Regarding the advertised pack saddle (?) and panniers, your e-Bray'r (insert pun) begins right off by saying:

"I am selling the rig as I have just fininshed making two more sawbucks and I am starting to outfit them."

Since the most that we are ever allowed to see in images of this hummm... pack saddle is the place where the rear crosstrees meet, I wouldn't go for this offering with a sixteen foot signal flag pole. Unless you are just interested in obtaining a roll of white canvas and what appear to be two new pine boxes (and maybe something this fellow is call'g a pack saddle), I wouldn't recommend that you engage him with an offer either.

Think about it.... he doesn't even hesitate in advising us that he has just finished making two more sawbucks (should I fill in the words 'much improved'?) and he's starting to outfit them.

Let me close by saying that there's a reason why the horse in this image looks familiar... and the leadsman and packsaddle doesn't. Could it be that it was planned that way? That should tell us ALL a bit more about this offering.

And as songwriter Stephen Collins Foster might have said "Don't Bet on De Shanghi" Hope this helps,

Sigh'g off with... Bray!, Bray!, Bray!

PS - If we are to read between the lines, we might understand that this fellow has produced a trial-run verson of what he really wanted to do with his next two attempts. Now if only this packer can find a way to pay for the needed re-production metal hardware to round out his newest horse funiture..... he'll be a happy camper indeed.

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