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Posted By: Walter F. Mathers on: 05/19/2002 06:50:21 CDT
Subject: Signal Demo & San Fran & An Old Friend

Message Detail:
Hi Ken,

Do you remember my April 9th. 2002 reply post to ham radio enthusiast, Ed Zeranski, who had recently attended a conference in San Jose and who was interested in the Heliograph? We are able to let him know that Lieut. E.A. Denike had experimented with mirrors in 1863 at Rockville, Maryland.

Well it is Saturday morning and you are probably in Fremont near San Francisco, California at your re-enactment and I am heading for Rockville, Maryland later this morning.

In the April 9th post I had mentioned that in the mid 1890's, Union army signal veteran Earnest A. Denike was keeping house at 320 Sansome Street in San Fran. I ended with saying that chances were good that Earnest A. Denicke still rests in the San Francisco area.

My question is: Do you think the next time you plan for a presentation in or near San Fran that you could check out the area cemeteries in advance to your trip and snap a photo of Denike's gravesite?

For those of us who have copies of the Signal Corps Association's 1996 Centennial re-print of J. Willard Brown's signal history will have ample leads for signallists final resting places. Also, it stands to reason that many of those listed in the roster section of Breoen's book as living in a certain area may have been buried in that vicinity as well.

Federal or Confederate, if you know of the final resting places of Civil War era communicators on either side, would you please consider documenting them and sending the information to the SCA/SCARD Archives via E-wire: Currently we have photographs of the tombs of two opposing signal chiefs Albert J. Myer (NY) and William Norris (MD). We don't have one of EP Alexander (though Mike Rodgers of the Signal Museum gave me a tour of Magnolia Cemetery in Augusta, GA during an invitation to one of their anniversary signal balls and I had no camera).

This could be a worthy project for researchers and re-enactors alike.

Walt Mathers

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