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Posted By: Chuck Lee on: 05/16/2002 17:45:33 CDT
Subject: This Extraordinary Place

Message Detail:

What an extraordinary accomplishment this forum is! I've been away from a computer almost totally since the first of the year, having enjoyed the information and photographs on both this site and Mr. Bock's. Coming back to the cyber world today after so long an absence, I simply had to see what was going on the world of SCARD.

Lo and behold! Gentlemen, what a wonderful thing this forum is! Though I'm interested in the Signal Corps, it's safe to say that no man alive knows less about the subject than I - but my cursory glance through your forum has already lightened my burden of ignorance, and piqued my curiosity. Having skimmed through about 40 posts, I now consider myself the Baton Rouge reenacting community's premier expert on the subject of the Signal Corps (if you'll accept the notion that all it takes to be an expert is to know a little more about the subject than the folks you're talking

In all seriousness, I've learned a boatload in this brief time from your forum that the SCARD and Ohio Valley sites had prepared me to understand and wonder about. So many exciting aspects to all that's going on here....

For instance, it appears as though the "grocery list" compilation and prioritization of Signal Corps equipment necessary to a Signal Corps reenacting unit is being developed - which would be greatly helpful to me; and I saw the Pocket Telegraph Sets by Mr. Harbin, and want a set for myself, of course (and want to see them get into the hands of every Signal Corps group that can be reached). I seem to have violated a Commandment over Mr. Harbin's Pocket Telegraph Set - but I could stop coveting them if I could get a set. They truly are fine looking pieces.

And what a terrific resource this is for the newly interested, newly excited, and woefully ignorant such as myself!

The information I've found thus far will be helpful in putting together a coherent, cohesive approach to acquiring all the material culture goods I'll need, and there are several posts that I expect to pass along to our commanding officer in an effort to further persuade him of the vital necessity in establishing a Signal Corps contingent as an integral, albeit adjunct, portion of our reenacting group.

Enough gushing and gooing. Thanks for hosting and having this forum! Though I've nothing to contribute beyond my excitement and appreciation for what y'all's hands have wrought, I look forward to learning from each of you, and to taking the risk of looking foolish by asking dumb questions from time to time so that I can go to bed at night a little less ignorant than the way I started the day.

Great addition to the SCARD site!

Chuck Lee
5th Company - Washington Artillery of New Orleans
6th Massachusetts Light Artillery

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