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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 10/26/2004 10:31:53 EDT
Subject: Chat Room Moderators - The Ins & Outs Of

Message Detail:

I believe that you and I are shipmates when it comes to wanting to know what a chat room moderator is suppose to know and do during a chat room session.

As you are aware, I have been given an opportunity (hummm?) to host the SCARD chat to-morrow evening at 7 pm on the narrow topic of re-enacting. Since I didn't have a clue about chat room netigette (new word here) I went out into cyber-space and conducted a google search. I found that there are a number of different ways of overseeing or assisting the gathering. What I gleaned (I think) was that my topic is somewhat a bit broad in scope and thus we'll have fun determining where the focus will be.

If you set your topics before-hand, your group could begin their chat sessions with subjects like:

a. paroles and countersigns (how to obtain and use them)

b. information gathering (what appears important vs. what is essential)

c. information conveyance (how best to transmit information quickly and so that it is not tracable to the source)

d. cypher (different samples and sources of codes used to keep information secure from prying eyes. and so on.

Much of what you could study would necessarily be overlapping with military subjects and would therefore be a chat room session of interest to many of our uniformed associates. This would be a fun time for all. I need to cuation you that we have a bunch of site visitors who view these pages with an especial eye to secret codes.

You and others may want to kick the tires in a pre-SS&R's gathering to-morrow night at seven. This way you can join in to help others understand how important information gatherers can be to evening report writing signal officers in the field. Functional civilian telegraph linemen (if you catch my drift) have a bit more freedom (sometimes official) to roam about the countryside than do even some local inhabitants.

PS Let me know if you come up with some sterling information other would-be chat room moderators would benefit from knowing. 5-5-5
to determine the best ways to

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