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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 10/24/2004 19:02:57 EDT
Subject: When Will We Consider Developing Camps of Instruction Plans for 2005

Message Detail:

Glad you were able to get over to the the Federal side of things prior to curtain-call as somewhat grey beards might be acceptable but grey coats should not be, and visa versa.

Attempting camps of instruction at full scale re-enactments tend to be somwhat like spitting into the wind for various reasons. What do you say about throwing out the net in order to assertain whether we might be able to get a signal camp of instruction going at either Fort Richmond (now Wadsworth) at the mouth of New York Harbour or down a little further at Fort Delaware out on Pea Patch Island?

I don't know if the NPS Wadsworth would have anything going on that we could tie into as an adjunct group but I do know that Fort Delaware has a number of stand-alone living history events lined up and, unless I am mis-
informed, they may be able to supply us with whatever billets we may need for the weekend.

If our associates along the seaboard and slightly inland would be interested, we could stake our claim EARLY and make it happen for sometime in 2005.

The Garrison weekend at Fort Delaware connects it with Fort Mott in New Jersey and Fort DuPont in Delaware City, Delaware. This is all done by tour boat and we have extended a telegraph line from the boat landing about 3/4 of a mile to the sally port moat draw bridge.

If we orchestrate things well, we could see both Federal and Confederate signal units co-operating between these three points. Pea Patch Island is rather large and addtitional training could be conducted amongst the secluded areas on the island itself.

Do you think you might be attending Remembrance Day weekend at Gettysburg?


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