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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 10/07/2004 17:31:06 EDT
Subject: NSA's Franklin Discussion Board Has Vanished

Message Detail:
I went over to monitor the Franklin 2004 message board a little while ago to see if I could glean any information about how field communication re-enactors might have contributed to the event and discovered something unexpected:

"The Bulletin Board is down for upgrades. The new system should be up before too long."

If any others have been looking in on and following the post-event threads of the North South Alliance's message board they will have noticed that many complaints had been lodged having to do with subordinate commanders not following the scripts (alledged scenario smashing here) and leading their respective elements along non-designated routes which caused a going out of bounds and resulted in the trampling down of farmers expensive crops.

The accusations and counterattacks must have gotten very intense indeed. Many four-letter words as well as off-handed inuendos were posted freely, and as a result, the flames rose.

There's a good possibility that the NSA Bulletin Board is down for upgrades which may restrict or limit who can or can not utilize their forum. Things got carried away and we may not like the results that follow. I hope I 'm wrong on this score.

This situation, however, gives me an excellent opportunity to remind all of our contributors that our communicators forum was viewed last month by many from outside of our community (nearly 4000 hits). How many may have been children I know not, but I can tell you that a lot of youngsters will be looking in on us our Young Signallists pages go oon line. We have visitors from all walks of life. On occasion they tell me how professional and informative we are. The slightly rough tones we may have used in the service of our country, in the public inns or on the job are best kept in those circles and not upon this forum. Like many of you, I've been there and have done that.

Thanks for all of the input. You make this forum the best! But its scary to think that something as good as we have could be whisked away like the North-South Alliance board being shut down to-day (temporarily we trust).

Many of us have learned though this forum that we can not only muster the leadership to plan successful events but also can gather such kindred support as is needed to actually change the face of re-enacting - it's working! This stuff doesn't happen over night but those who have eyes and ears know in what direction we are moving. Look at the latest posts and you can sense the energy. For the many questions which have come our way, folks here have been able to supply documentable answers found nowhere else. It's free! We do this because we like it and go out of our way to seek, offer and succeed. This speaks volumes.

Now I can get to step down off of my own soap box and move over next to JohnnyZ.


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