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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 08/06/2004 11:38:22 EDT
Subject: Who Benefits From SCARD & the SCA?

Message Detail:
Yes - Who DOES Benefit From SCARD & the SCA? Good Question.

Needless to say, you've opened this thread because you are interested.

Let's say you benefit directly and personally because YOU must care about Proverbs 12:1 or you wouldn't be reading this at all. You might lurk because you don't think you have anything to add to the discussion. Maybe you are afraid of being admonished by a few of our 'fellow' albeit rival re-enactors for joining the discussion. The latter may actually be surmountable through a little dialogue with your re-enacting pards.

But we truly believe that you really do know that through this SCA/SCARD portal you can learn about many things found nowhere else on the web. You can ask questions and actually receive documentable answers. Amazing! Only a few short years ago it would have been an impossible dream.

In the future you'll be able to view images of signal cartridge shippping boxes, USMT telegraph machines and actual clothing and insignia worn by the actual participants. Through this web offering you will be able to follow the signal reports listed chronolgically and by military department. We hope to provide a balanced set of records wherever we may find them...US & CS. Then you can zero in on your particular areas of interest. Did you know that you can already conduct area searches? We now have a search engine up at our main site. Its one provided to us and contains a bit of 'provider advertising'. but still... its free, just as this web site has been since we began. You may not be aware but other associates are already contributing with their time and often money that we may all enjoy and expand our current understanding.

Now the pitch.... What can YOU do? How can you help? What material do you consider worth compiling and sharing with those who wish to be here (out in cyberspace) with you?

We need someone to create a database of all known fixed and field signal station locations. We could also use assistance from another person to likewise provide the same sort of information for War-time telegraph offices.

Can't get enough? Wanna go a step further? Why not attempt to ascertain who actually manned those perches and offices and during which time spans?

Not an especially interesting past-time for an event-to-event re-enactor? What about Coston Night Signal shipping boxes? What about reproduction paper forms which accompanied those boxes? Interested?

What do you want to see, read and know about? How can you help give back some of the knowledge you've glean'd from our web pages or even from the postings at this forum?

Some time ago one of our associates wrote:
"Though I've nothing to contribute beyond my excitement and appreciation for what y'all's hands have wrought, I look forward to learning from each of you, and to taking the risk of looking foolish by asking dumb questions from time to time so that I can go to bed at night a little less ignorant than the way I started the day."

This same fellow is now in the process of creating an item which we believe will serve as a great aid to signal re-enactors. He's stepping up to the plate, as Abner Doubleday would have said.

We all have a marvelous (and free) vehicle here to help launch our opportunity balloons or rockets even! Be an active part of the division, and make it your division. If you aren't a re-enactor, give so that they can better represent what you believe students should know, what historic sites should be out there to be showcasing and what site visitors should be delighted to stumble upon.

We're interactive! We're serious! We enjoy this stuff! Right?

Talk to your pards, speak with your associates, but above all, I want to invite YOU. Consider visiting the link below and decide what you personally can do to make this better place to draw upon, in order that we all might share and learn.

(stepping off of the field communicator's community soapbox)

Message Link:

Signal Corps Association (1860-1865)

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