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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 07/27/2004 18:19:57 EDT
Subject: Flatlander Signal Re-enactors @ Events

Message Detail:

I think I have the answer that will please both of you (without rocks and/or balloons) and perhaps bring a pleasant smile to the face of our own Eric Reeder, late signal officer of the famed Neshaminny outing!

In order to do this we first must quote a previous post recalling yet another previous post. But don't be alarmed... all of the posts I'm refering to are on this thread.

Ready? Here goes....

"In a previous message you [Walt] descibed how Signals was rendered almost useless by the smoke, dust, and haze at a reenactment in Leesburg. I [Pete] find it hard to believe that in an actual Civl War engagement a Signal station would have been located in a low place where line-of-sight would have been obscured by the fracas of the fighting. More often than not they were on the higher places where they could communicate with higher headquarters."

From Brown's Signal History, page 296''''

"The general advance of the Army of the Potomas was made on April 4th.. On that night our headquarters bivuoacked at Big Bethel [Va.]... the country into which this corps moved was almost unknown to our generals. It was flat and covered with dense forests. The heavy rains had made it swampy. On the march the detachment of the Signal Corps serving with these forces, under Lieut. B.F. Fisher, was on duty. There were no elevated points whence general observation could be had, and the character of the country made signalling impossible. The duties of scouting and reconnoissance devolved upon the signal officers. They were among the first to follow the devious roads, to recognize the presence of the enemy, to study with their telescopes his strength and movements, and to report the results of their observations to the generals with whom they served..."

See Eric, I knew you'd like reading this! You done good along side of the mighty Delaware River at the Ben Salem, Pa. event - don't cha know?

Best Regards Gents!

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