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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 05/18/2004 21:59:29 EDT
Subject: Bermuda Hundred, More Concerning

Message Detail:
Hi Wayne,

Every little piece may help. That's why I'm sending this along.

"Asa Bartlett performed the duties of chief signal officer for the Army of the James, having had but three weeks' instruction, although all the old signal officers had had six months' study and drill. He was the only one of several examined who was found able to do quick signalling, and in a few days was given charge of the important transmission and observation station on the
Bermuda Front, known as Butler's or Cobb Hill tower, where he was for several days a target for Whitworth projectiles. A picture of Bartlett and this tower appears in Butler's book, page 680.

Later, while in charge of Crow's Nest tower near Dutch Gap, he was under fire of five of the enemy's guns, three of them 200-pound rifles, from nine o'clock a. m. until four p. m. During that time the tower received one
hundred and sixty-five shot, and he was standing in it one hundred and thirty feet from the ground. A soldier who visited this tower soon after said, " I don't believe there was a whole stick left in the structure; all
were either splintered or broken. Even the boards of the platform on which Bartlett and his companion stood were broken by pieces of shell that had burst below them."

From these descriptions you might be able to determine form whence the Whitworth shells were directed? Its worth a shot! Right?

Tnx Agn to you and Clarence for having the confidence to include us amongst the other neat discussion forums. Best Regards,
Walt Mathers

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