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Posted By: David Bock on: 05/05/2002 08:44:53 CDT
Subject: Signal Museum Beardslee's

Message Detail:
Down here at Fort Gordon, Fort Benning, Fort Stewart, Andersonville and the CW forts of Pulaski and McAllister. Yesterday exploring bivouac and signal sites on Ft. Stewart from Sherman's march. Largely untouched. Interesting use of thrown up earthworks for night bivouac Roman Legion style for the pickets. Often wondered how Sherman maintained security. McAllister was very signal oriented on both sides. Battle was monitored and set into motion from nine miles away by flag signals. Today mapping out the locations and getting coordinates on GPS.

Photos of the Beardslee replicas and the original source machine at:

My compliments to you, Walt, your presentation of information is much better in that you recognize that what was done was not always what Myer demanded. As I told David Gaddy, I would much love to be around a hundred or so years from now when they argue just what we wore in Viet Nam. My cut-off sleeves, boonie hat with embroiderd head-band, horse hair sling on my M-16, brown shorts, jungle boots, four canteens, eight bandoliers and a Colt single action .35 in a shoulder holster and a gold good luck pendant around my neck with dogtag and a dogtag on one boot lace will drive them nuts. And I was fairly "normal". Patches? Local made copies of the original as was the nametags and US Army tags.

I just sent a note to David Gaddy. Gist of it is that I just found a circular dated 1864 from Lousiana. Myer gives his rank as Colonel and his positon as Chief Signal Officer. Certainly was a different time as the historian at Fort Benning told me last week.

Tomorrow on the Fort Lawton again. One of last Confederate POW camps. Now a state park too. Taken in November of 1863 and made a big signal site linking the front. Signal was used all across the front and really were used as they were leading up to Gettysburg and after. Much like todays "Cav" troops are used today in that they screened to the front and flanks of the some forty mile wide front.

Plum's telegraph set now posted at:

End of the month back down here to Chickamaugua.

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