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Posted By: Ian McKay on: 10/13/2003 14:42:09 EDT
Subject: RE: Signal Tower

Message Detail:
My unit, the U.S. Topographical Engineers, has made several display models to show the items which are virtually impossible to build at a two-three day event, unless the materials are available.

We find that the models draw a lot of interest from adults and young people alike. The Signal tower model that we display is about 12 inches high and about 6 inches square at the base, tapering upward to an approx. 3 inch square platform. It is constructed of squared "timbers" 3/16ths in. square The timbers are lashed together with black thread, and there is a black thread "rope" ladder on one side for access. The top platform has lashed poles around the perimeter for safety, and a flooring of lashed poles.

For the model, we used the plan of the Boy Scout Tower that my Troop (Old Troop 10 in Portland, Oregon) used to demonstrate every year at a Boy Scout Event at the Stock Yards. It could hold two boys safely, and it went up and came down in less than 20 minutes, the Scouts bringing all the ropes and the poles into the area by hand. The two sides of the tower were preconstructed, so that when both sides were raised upright, the diagonal and base poles were lashed into place. Two of the smaller boys then climbed the tower and lashed the two top poles into place. One boy then laid the floor poles, while the second boy lashed the safety poles into place. The boys on the ground passed ropes and poles uo to the platform as needed with special hauling lines that the two boys had taken to the top of the tower with them.

I would like to construct a full size tower at an event, but the problem is having the materials available. A small boat trailer would be ideal. Then we could transport the materials to the events. That would also answer for the other field obnstruction items (frazees, and chevreax-des-frise) that we have constructed in the past.


Ian McKay

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