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Posted By: John Schultz on: 09/16/2003 11:02:01 EDT
Subject: Stutter Code

Message Detail:
The code developed by Capt Reed Lewis is VERY simple and the LONGEST group of waves is five - of which there are only two which mean "OK" or "NO". (5 to the right - or 5 to the left).

The rest are all 4 waves and below. Originally each signal is repeated three times to ensure it is received but after the 1st wave of the stutter I'd 'signal for attention' which meant that I got it and he'd stop then off I'd run with the order to the Infantry Commander.

General Valuska made it a point to say that we were FAST getting his orders to the infantry and he's a STICKLER for getting the message there FAST.

However - the rest of you ARE right insofar as often runners were most effective in close quarters. And that we as signal corps must be prepared to 'get the message through' no matter what. Meaning that if we can't wave it we RUN LIKE THE DICKENS.

As Walt once told me, "You gotta think this is fun in order for it to work." Meaning that if your idea of fun is adapting quickly to battlefield situations and putting your legs to use instead of the flags then you do what you have to do to get the message through.

The Sunday battle (Reenactment of Franklin) was GREAT! Directing the infantry from the General on the hill was also very useful. At one point in the battle the Infantry Commander wanted to push forward and I flagged that question to the General who said "NO". Then it became apparant why. The rebs were sending in reinforcements that we couldn't see when the infantry commander posed the question. The General was in a high ground position to see what was going on and sayd "NO".

The use of the 2' white flag worked good on the field for us in this purpose. Coming from the hill near the artillery I could see (through the smoke) the small flag at all times. (of corse - sometimes I had to situate myself to SEE the flag due to trees, etc. . . .)

All I know is that we did a good job on the field with the flags and stutter code used; got praised by the General for "Fast" comms; and we had a GREAT time doing so with only two people.

Your Obedient Servant,

John E. Schultz, 2nd Lt. US Signal Corps

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