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Posted By: Walt Mathers on: 07/18/2003 19:33:59 EDT
Subject: 2004 Sig Camp of Instrucn. & Scout Opportunities

Message Detail:

As the mid-Atlantic signal/telegraph camp of instruction is still very much on the drawing board I can say that anything is possible at this point.

We're looking at a late Spring or early Summer gathering but we want to know that we have some local commitment from some of the detachments. It will also be necessary to secure the services of a detail of full-time cooks apart from the attendees. An administrative staff must be collected from amongst the re-enactment community to handle billeting, passes from camp, class guides and serve as general assistants. Most of these folks will not be afforded the opportunity of attending as students.

Speaking of students, your question concerning Intelligence/Reconnaissance type things is well received. Re-enacting scouts, much like signalists, should be able to arrive on the (event) scene and size up the territory, attending organizations and the key players. Reports and maps from the scouts and signallists are then used to suppliment and/or verify the efforts of the cavalry (should any be operating within the environs of the event area). But I digress.

If we are to conduct a class worthy of our attendees, we had ought to get some input from our potential class members first. It is imperative to first receive commitments from those (local souls who live in Penna., Md, NJ and Del. less than 100 mi. from Fort Delaware) hoping to be included as camp instructors. If you aren't certain of your strong points, fret not. We will offer you a variety of subjects to choose from and provide you with the material to work from.

As I pointed out above, we need attendance commitments from the various detachments who operate mainly in the mid-Atlatic area. Asis\de from this very important first step we need other detachments outside of the imediate area to commiting to attend this event as if they would be attending a major re-enactment. Let's ask ourselves:

Is it more important to change our plans from July to August to attend the 140th Gettysburg but no see it as a necessary commitment of your detachment to help stabilize the effectiveness of the re-enacting communicators at a large scale training session?

We hope to soon hear from the local detachment headships, or their representatives, in the near future, that we may understand what efforts we should pursue and in what direction we should proceed.

Many thanks to those who have already express'd their interest and pledged suppport for the hoped-for camp of instruction.

Very Respectfully,
Walt Mathers
Act'g Archivist
Signal Corps Association (1860-1865)

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