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Posted By: John E. Schultz on: 06/16/2003 07:15:15 EDT
Subject: Some fairly important posts - please look at (RE: Organizing)

Message Detail:

Points taken - but let me explain if it's OK.

I think it KEY that we provide the on-field commanders with "Command and Control" ON the battlefield.

BUT we need a "Foot in the Door" so to speak. That 'foot' will be our ability to use signals to replace the emergency walkie-talkie that's used for medical issues and to stop battle at a certain area becuase of it.

Once we can go out and DO that then we've gained the confidence of the on-field commanders. Now once THAT is gained we can start making suggestions like how we can direct fire, pass on to subordinates rank and file turns, etc. . . .

BUT this all requires infrastructure. Coordinating the 'balet' of a battlefield is going to require a buttload of highly trained and qualified flag teams. To get "there" from "here" we have to try and standardize qualification and then proove to the on-field commanders that we CAN do it. Once that is done we should attract new members to support the infrastructure of battlefield direction, internal codes, and the like.

Believe me - I'm all for doing what you suggested but we need to get 'there' from 'here' and the way to do that is through unified and generic training to get people the basic skills to DO it.

So far as Telegraph - there's not much use for it other than from camp to camp unless at an event the size of Gettysburg. I did military communications for 10 years and there's one thing that I learned. "FACE TIME" with the BIG GUY IN CHARGE is priceless and as a COMMUNICATOR we get that becuase of our job. We need to be there offering our services for the battlefield commanders whenever we possibly can. Telegraph between camps is ONE of them.

I know it's not the way it 'was'. BUT - right now they'll pick up cell phones or walkie-talkies. I'd rather give them a 'period' substitution.

I'm babbling now - I'm sorry. I hope y'all dont think i'm nuts or anything. There's a way to proceed and we must keep it generic enough so that we teach either blue or gray and get everybody communicating on the SAME PAGE. Once there - then we can branch out.

HOWEVER - the subject of "Branching Out" needs a bit of guidance with it. Issuing common codes that both sides use for emergencies is going to be necessary.

OK - getting down off my bully pulpit now.


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