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Posted By: John Schultz on: 06/10/2003 16:08:10 EDT
Subject: RE: Stitch Counters

Message Detail:

Check out that pic.............

Look at the signal poles - the ferrules (things that join the poles together - I can't spell).

Admitedly they are WAY too long but if shorter how would they look? The LOOK good - AND - they JOIN the poles just fine.

What are they made from? PLASTIC CONDUIT that was spray painted brass.

Were they CHEAP? (I got two sections of conduit - different diameters - 10' each for about $12.00). The poles are 4' Oak dowels of different thicknesses. Now I spent about an HOUR sanding them to the 'approx' thickness the should be - but I'm SURE they're FAR from perfect.

So - do the ends justify the means?

Do the flags LOOK "OK"? For the most part
Do the Joints look ok? Mostly - but they're too long - I'm going to cut some new ones. (10 mins tops!)
To the poles look ok? They are a different color - but they're HARD WOOD.

I waived the HE** out of the 4' flag at the end of each pole and the joints held and the wood didn't break - so IT WORKS. I'm happy!

I think it's things like THAT which we need to share. We SHOULD have a pair of really authentic poles and ferrules. BUT - I'm not going to take something on the field that costs me THAT much money when it could break. I'll take my cheap poles out there that LOOK good but WORK and IF they break - it's cool - I'll build another set post haste while the 'pretty' set sits back at camp looking good for the spectators to look at closely.

THAT's what I'm talking about. I guess talking to you i'm, "Preaching to the choir". I just hope it sinks through to others.

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