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Posted By: Mark Hageman on: 06/10/2003 14:51:38 EDT
Subject: Stitch Counters

Message Detail:

I've always looked at reenactors in three categories

A) AUTHENTICS- "The Stitch Counters"
B) MAIN STREAM- "which I concider myself"
C) THE FARB- "anything goes"

I don't believe that SCARD should be the AUTHENTICITY POLICE in any way shape or form.
We should share information on what is AUTHENTIC, and what others have come up with to REPRODUCE this AUTHENTICITY, cost effectivly, for the "LOOK" as well as durability. (I can't imagine anything worse than spending days creating the Authentic flag pole, down to the last detail, only to have it snap in half on the field with the first wind gust)

I read an article (can't remember where) which was written by a reenactor who went to a car show. While there he saw two identical cars and complimented each owner on the restoration they had done. The first owner told him that if he looked real close, the "other guy" had modern spark plug wires- his are original for the yaer, make and model! The "second guy" said that might be but his rear view mirror is the original that came with the car, the "first guy's" is a modern reproduction.

BOTH CARS LOOKED GREAT! Does anyone really care, other than these two guys, I think not.

Yes, my tent is equipted with a propane heater, air matress and a cooler. Its kept out of sight, but there non-the-less. My brogans contain "odor-eaters", and my haversack a few other "modern items".

I go to HAVE FUN, and part of that FUN, is being, and living as close to 1860's as possible. But I'm not going to risk my health, comfort or finacial well being to do so.

I've talked to a few people who once did reenacting and got out of it, primarily because of the ridicule they received from others, due to their clothing, tents, camps etc. and this is 100% WRONG. (As long as they look like they belong on the field and not in the crowd, and know how to signal)let them be. This forum/web site should be used to help those who really don't know- Was there corporals in the signal corps?

What we DO NEED, is an organization that coordinates signals, communications, and proceedures. So that when different taking the field we are all on the SAME PAGE!
(Wheather they have AUTHENTICALLY made hardtack in their haversack or a poptart should not be any concern of SCARD)

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