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Posted By: John Schultz on: 06/06/2003 09:43:22 EDT
Subject: Signal Corps Reenactors ORGANIZED!

Message Detail:

First - Pic above I took back in December of a First Seargent in 1st Texas. He just SO looked the part - wanted to share!

OK - now to the meat.........

I wanted to thank Walt for providing me with a referral as well as talk to the issue of the current usefulness of this board as well as our 'potential'.

Walt contacted me becuase I live in the Tidewater (Norfolk) area of Virginia. See, an active duty Army Master Seargent emailed Walt to see if there was any way he could get some signal flags to use at the area's Signal Corps Birthday Celebration.

I tell Walt, "I'm in" so I contact the Master Seargent.

This guy was great to talk to! He was 'volunteered' by the C.O. to "Put Something Together" for the Birthday and off he went.

The part of the ceremony they need the flags for is the reading of the HISTORY of the Signal Corps. He envisioned somebody waving the flag at the appropriate time.

So I "Volunteered" to come out in full uniform and wave the flag FOR him. He responded favorably and I will wave the word "SIGNAL" at the appropriate time during their presentation.

I'll also bring my telegraph setup so they can check out the 'old style' electrical communications!

THAT was the 'story', now HERE is why this board and web-site have SO MUCH POTENTIAL! (using that as an example)

"WE" (our intrepid GROUP of INDIVIDUALISTS) are largely misunderstood by the mainline reenactor community but we come here for guidance, help, to ask questions, and to learn as well as share our experiences with others. (so we already have a core of interested people who get out there and DO reenactments)

We already posess some of the nation's top historians in regards to the Civil War Signal Corps.

We already have the TOOL (the web-site and this board) by means to publically propagate our ideas. . . (which, by the way, I have volunteered to "re-tool" working very closely with Walt)

All we need to do is work toward a goal (or goals).

The PUBLIC comes here for information and to ask questions and sometimes makes requests (like our Master Seargent).

IF we continue to build on what we have then eventually the reenactor infantry types will come here looking for our HELP! "Hey Signal Corps - how can we successfully employ your services ON the field?"

Now the Fantasy! (but it CAN be a reality and we NEED to work toward it!)

". . . I have a dream. . . "

ONE DAY event planners and Infantry Commanders will come to the SIGNAL CORPS and ask for our input in regards to event planning and the guidelines/rules thereof.


1. Only authorized Signal Corps will carry flags onto the field.

2. International Morse will be used on all telegraph lines from 8 to 10 words per minute.

3. Telegraph stations in each camp manned between the hours of {blank} and {blank}

I think that, in the mean time, WE should come up with guidelines to give to event coordinators regarding the use of the Signal Corps at their events. We can "MARKET" these guidelines to the coordinators through the participants of this board.

The next logical follow-on would be suggesting PEOPLE to get the job done and done RIGHT.

The most efficient way to do that is to "Qualify" people which follows on into "Schools of Instruction" and the like which we SHOULD ORGANIZE FOR THIS SUMMER OR FALL SOME TIME! (I'm pretty sure we can snag some time at Endview Plantation - all I gotta do is ask)

Just simple Marketing 101! Find a need, develop a way to fill that need, then find who NEEDS, then put your solution in their face in such a manner that 'exudes' them to use YOUR solution. Then after they bought your solution - come up with FOLLOW-ON solutions that 'gird up' the original.

I truly HOPE that I'm "Preaching to the Choir" here.


Here's how:

1. SOMEBODY be in charge. (Walt?)
2. Provide individual input (regarding Event Planning for Signal Corps) to a central person who gathers it all.
3. Once gathered, we (the team) hash out issues and produce a working copy that we POST to the web-site for event planners to use.

We need to PLAN a "School of Instruction"! I really feel that we need to do this once or twice a year.

In the "Military" we had "JQR" (Job Qualification Requirements).

We NEED something like this in "Signal Corps". We initiate (throught these Schools of Instruction) learning and develop "Basic Requirements" for our Signal Corps specialties (Flags, Torches, and Telegraph).

THEN - we "QUALIFY" individuals to DO the job! We also "QUALIFY" other "Qualifiers" who can take our "JQR" to their area and teach.

School of Instruction

To be held in August or September.

Who's game to help start developing a curriculum, JQR, and assembling instructors, equipment, and all the other stuff needed to put this together?

OK - I'm probably getting ahead of myself - but that's the way I usually operate - about 3 miles ahead of where I am.

Now - you say - "Who is this guy" and "What the HE** is he doing saying all this". Well, YES - I'm the "FNG" but I see what we 'can' be and how we can get there should we all unify and decide/dedicate to DO it. If y'all dont want to - then it's cool with me but if you DO. . . Wow - the stuff we can do!

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