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Terri McCurdy Hildreth |
Great site! I've learned a lot about the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery since I found it a couple of weeks agao.

My g-g-grandfather, Daniel McCurdy, is among the soldiers of the 1st MHA. According to Historical Data Systems, he enlisted on 21 Aug 1862. The data base also lists him as "mustering out 18 June 1864 at Petersburg." He is among the casualties in Co. A noted on pg 13 of a compilation of THE MAINE BUGLE published in 1894 (

Daniel's wife Hannah applied for a widow's pension 7 Aug 1865 (app # 104681, cert # 69192). She later is listed as receiving a widow's pension of $8.00 a month in Douglas County, Kansas.

Daniel's son, Andrew Carleton [Carlton] McCurdy also served in the 1st MHA, Co. M 1863-1866.

Before I order military and/or pension files, and the book by Shaw, can any one direct me to any other sources I might check for additional military information regarding this family?

Thanks in advance.
Thursday June 10 2010 - Madison, AL

Randall Smith |
Looking for family of Pvt. William Horton, First Regiment Heavy Artillery.
Sunday April 18 2010 - Arvada, CO

Mark Lyman |
Just started to research my GG Grandfather, Joseph M. Lyman who served in this great regiment, Company C.

This a great site, thank you.
Saturday February 27 2010 - Eliot, Maine

Phil Holboy |
Thank you for your great work. I live with my wife and daughter in the Bay View, WA home of Edward C. Osborn, Pvt., Co. A, 1st Maine Heavy Artillery. Edward enlisted on July 10, 1862 and was discharged on June 6, 1865. He eventually came out west to farm a few acres in the Skagit Valley. He spent the last 10 years of his life in the Washington Veterans' Home in Kitsap County. Edward died January 27, 1928. He was buried in the Bay View Cemetery, just 3 miles from his home.
Wednesday December 9 2009 - Bay View (Mount Vernon), WA

Troy Ancona |
Thank you for your efforts! The accounts of these men "must not" be forgotten!
Friday November 20 2009 - Durham, Maine

John Heath |
Search Roster List for Aaron Saunders, has him listed as Single. He was married and the father of four children.

[Data Corrected 10/07/09 clw]
Wednesday October 7 2009 - Acton, MA.

Wes (James) Langley |
Great grandson of James Langley who entered the 1st at Bangor at age 14 or barely 15 with brothers and cousins. Many Langleys in other units in that state and others around there as they were in the Mass Bay Colony early on.
Sunday August 30 2009 - Montana (Out here after the civil war)

Albert Magnin, Jr. |
Dear 1st Maine memorial organization:

I would like to send your organization a transcript of my great grandfather's handwritten account of June 18, 1864. He was with the 99th PVI immediate on the First Maine's left flank. He describes seeing the First Maine begin their charge as he lay wounded on the field.
Sunday July 26 2009 - Chester, Va (eight miles from the charge site.)

Webmaster comments   [The transcript mentioned will be added to the 1st Maine site soon! ]

Daniel Snell |
My G-G-Grandfather was William L. Miles of Company C, 1st Maine Heavy Artillery. He was one of the wounded on the June 18, 1864 assualt on the lines at Petersburg. The bullet was lodged near his spine and he carried it around with him his whole life.
Thursday July 2 2009 - Texas

George Christopher Lincoln III |
I was able to place in my family geneology records a Civil War veteran. Eratus Adams is my great - great grandfather. He was wounded on June 18, 1864 and discharged the following year. I would love to know his rank.
Saturday June 13 2009 - Fresno Ca

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