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Bill Warwick |
I volunteer with the restoration of a historic cemetery in Philadelphia. while do some research in Preparation for Park Day, I came across the resting place of Holman Staples, Co. E. I have a photo of the headstone if anyone would be interested in having a copy.
Saturday March 9 2019 - outside Philadelphia, Penna

John Goodwin |
Looking for any additional information on Medal of Honor recipient John Chapman (aka Charles Kauffman). I'd like to do a brief article about him for our Colma Historical Museum newsletter but there is very little info about him online. Also curious about the mention on your site that shows he was an "alleged Rebel deserter" . Thanks!
Saturday December 8 2018 - Colma, CA

Ellen Maddox Blanchard |
My 2nd great-grandfather, George W. Maddox, was in the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery, Company L, mustered on 4 Jan 1864, wounded 19 May 1864, and discharged 31 May 1865, His father, my 3rd great-grandfather Samuel Maddocks was a Revolutionary Patriot. I am very proud of both of these men.
Thank you for this website!!!
Monday October 1 2018 - Massachusetts

Eloise (Higgins) Hopkins |
This is a great addition to my family genealogy. My 2nd great-grandfather was in the First Maine Heavy Artillery - Nathan Higgins. He was mustered Jan 1864, was wounded June 18th and died of his wounds in Oct 1864.
Proud to be a Higgins.
Friday May 11 2018 - New Jersey

Terri Hildreth |
Does anyone know if there are any other commemorations (besides Ann B's below) being planned either in Petersburg or Bangor this year? Thanks.
Monday March 10 2014 - Madison, AL

Ann Blumenschine |
The National Park Service is working on a "Reverberations" program to focus on communities across the nation which suffered greatly due to events related to the Overland Campaign. One community we are focusing on is Bangor where many members of the 1st Maine HA came from. We are coordinating an event with authors Ned and Diane Smith which will take place at Mt. Hope Cemetery on the evening of May 24 and would like to use the poem by Rev. E. F. Davis which is featured on this site. As a courtesy we are requesting your permission to do so. We would also like to mention Mr. Woodcock and encourage visitors to visit this website to learn more. I'll await your reply. Thank you.
Friday March 7 2014 - Petersburg, Virginia

Kip Files |
I have a book by rev. T Gerrish called Reminiscences of the Civil War.
On the front inside cover is glued a copy of a Letter from Robert McAllister to major Fred Low concerning who ordered the charge on june 18th at Petersburg. Interesting reading. It also announces the forthcoming book by Shaw.
Monday January 6 2014 - Rockalnd

Burt Babbidge |
I was looking for some relativrs that have been in the civil war .I came across a possible of two ThankYou
Saturday December 28 2013 - limington Maine

Kenneth Strout |
Looking for George Coffin photo
Thursday December 26 2013 - Maine

Robert Long |
Great site. I have a small correction for the info on Franklin W. Morgan. He was wounded as a seaman on June 17, 1864 at Fort Clifton. Googling "frankin morgan fort clifton" gives the navy report of his wounding as the 2nd result. I had also seen it mentioned in Biographical Review that he lost his leg at Fort Clifton. Thus, the transfer date of 1865 must be a typo and 1864 is likely correct Thanks.
Tuesday November 19 2013 - East Blue Hill, ME

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