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Jesse Simmons

Father: Moses Simmons, b. BEF. 1775 in Franklin County, Virginia
Mother: Agnes Meador, b. BET. 1775 - 1780 in Virginia

Family 1: Susan Prather, b. ABT. 1805
  1. James Simmons, b. ABT. 1824 in Virginia
  2. Agnes Simmons, b. ABT. 1828 in according to census
  3. Isaac Simmons, b. ABT. 1829 in Franklin County, Tennessee
  4. Susan Simmons, b. ABT. 1832 in Franklin County, Virginia
  5. Jonathan Simmons, b. ABT. 1834
  6. Martha Simmons, b. ABT. 1835
  7. Ruth A. Simmons, b. ABT. 1837 in Franklin County, Virginia
  8. Jesse Simmons, b. ABT. 1840 in Franklin County, Virginia
  9. David Simmons, b. ABT. 1842
  10. Reid Simmons, b. ABT. 1846 in Franklin County, Virginia
  11. Frances J. Simmons, b. ABT. 1849 in Franklin County, Virginia

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