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John Calvin Simmons

Father: Moses Simmons, b. BEF. 1775 in Franklin County, Virginia
Mother: Catherine Sense

Family 1: Elizabeth Catherine Meador, b. 15 JUL 1815 in Virginia
  1. John W. Simmons, b. ABT. 1842 in Franklin County, VA
  2. Mary Catherine Simmons, b. ABT. 1843 in Franklin County, VA
  3. Nancy E. Simmons, b. ABT. 1844 in Franklin County, VA
  4. Weltha Matilda Simmons, b. ABT. 1845 in Franklin County, VA
  5. Charles Adam Simmons, b. ABT. 1846 in Franklin County, Virginia
  6. Skelton Simmons, b. ABT. 1848 in Franklin County, VA
  7. Hezekiah Moses Simmons, b. ABT. 1849 in Franklin County, VA
  8. Lydia Jane Simmons, b. ABT. 1852
  9. Stephen C. Simmons, b. ABT. 1856 in Franklin County, VA

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