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Joseph Flight Woodcock

Father: John Andrews Woodcock, b. ABT 1800 in West Ham, Essex, England
Mother: Ann FlightAnn Woodcock, b. 8 MAR 1802 in West Ham, Essex, England

Family 1: Cobeta Royo, b. 1838 in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  1. Charlotte Ada WoodcockCharlotte Woodcock, b. MAR 1860 in Stratford, Essex, England
  2. Henry Woodcock, b. 1864 in Enfield, Middlesex, England
  3. Alfred Woodcock, b. 23 JUL 1892
  4. Ada WoodcockAda Williams, b. BET 1881 AND 1991
  5. Frederick WoodcockFredk. Woodcock, b. MAR 1874
  6. Jane Annie WoodcockJane WoodcockJane Flight Woodcock, b. OCT 1875 in Stratford, Essex, England
  7. Jessica WoodcockJessie Woodcock, b. 19 APR 1878 in Stratford, Essex, England

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