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still searching seeking more information,on Christina Woodcock
Monday March 18 2013 - kingston ON

Rachel Loosemore |
I've been researching my friend Barry Kelly's family tree and discovered recently that he is descended from the Woodcocks on the Isles of Scilly. His great-great-great-grandmother was Harriet Woodcock, born 4 July 1841 St Mary's, Scilly, daughter of Jacob Woodcock, born 9 Feb 1812 St Agnes, Scilly, son of John Woodcock, born c1792 St Agnes, Scilly. Thank you for sharing the fascinating story about this family.
Tuesday January 29 2013 - Australia

Lura Breland Johns |
I am the granddaughter of Andrew dennis Breland - MS
How do I update the info for my immediate family - Gabriel Washington Breland was my father - Thanks
Friday December 28 2012 - ST. LOUIS, MO

Rita Burgess Powell |
My husband's Mother is Grace E. Woodcock Powell Grigg. her father is: William Waitus Woodcock, Sr. G-father is: Martin Luther "Rush" Woodcock, Great: John Marvin Woodcock. They are from the Eastern part of NC:Pender, Dublin, Wayne etc areas. My husband and I have a daughter that is 27 and we would like to be able to give more info about her family history.
Monday October 22 2012 - We live in Taylorsville NC

Raymond Harris Sapp |
I need to add information to your web site regarding my family. Your assistance in understanding the procedure for submitting changes or updates would be appreciated.


Tuesday October 9 2012 - Marietta, Ga

Webmaster comments   Ray - Each page for an individual has an email link near the bottom of the page that reads "Please send corrections, additions or comments to:" and then an email link.


Friday October 5 2012 - WEST GARDINER MAINE 04345

Edward Breland |
The connection that I have is thru JESSICA LYNN DAVIS. You are in what I call extended family member. You may not be related by blood but your off spring is related to ABSALOM BRELAND.

Thanks for the question.
Friday September 14 2012

Lawson Blount Reeves |
found my family on your site but cant nav to where we are related.
Thursday September 6 2012 - Iowa,Louisiana

Shelley Woodcox |
My husband's great, great grandfather was David Woodcock. Apparently Abraham Woodcock, (1760 - 1835) was his great, great, great grandfather but I can not find documentation for the relationship between David and Abraham.
Wednesday August 29 2012 - Alberta, Canada

Lori (Woodcock) Young |
Grand daughter of James Floyd Woodcock b. 1898, who is the son of Joel and Mattie (Thornton) Woodcock. The son of Modena Francis was married to Mary (Polly) L. Dorcus Langston
Saturday June 30 2012 - Moxee Washington

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